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Fourth Season Medical History Registration Is Open
Please register Your Athletes....

Link is Below on this page under Calendar and Sports Forms
Sports Physicals
Sports Physicals
All athletes must have a physical before starting practice.
Sports Fees
Sports Fees
1st Sport $25
2nd Sport $25
3rd Sport $12.50
Fees must be paid before the first contest.
6th Grade Sports Seasons 2017-2018
Season 1
August 29th - October 14th
Soccer Boys
Volleyball Girls
Cross Country Boys & Girls
Tennis Boys

Season 2
October 31 - December 16
Basketball Girls
Swimming Boys

Season 3
January 9th - March 1st
Basketball Boys
Swimming Girls

Season 4
April 3rd - May 17th
Track Boys & Girls
Softball Girls
Tennis Girls
Grade 7 & 8 Sports Seasons 2017-2018
Season 1
August 22nd - October 14th
Cross Country Boys & Girls (Aug. 14)
Golf Girls (Aug. 7)
Tennis Boys (Aug. 14)
Football (Aug. 22nd)
Soccer Boys (Aug. 24)
Volleyball Girls (Aug. 24)

Season 2
October 16th - December 19th
Basketball Girls
Swimming Boys (Oct 23 - Dec 19)
Wrestling (Oct 23 - Dec 16)

Season 3
January 2nd - March 2nd
Basketball Boys
Swimming Girls
Cheerleading (Jan 9 - March 2)

Season 4
March 26 - May 18
Softball Girls
Soccer Girls
Track Boys & Girls

Parent Information Needed to Access Base for Sporting Events
Three Steps:

1. Full Name of every occupant in vehicle. Must be submitted to Athletic Director of your school five (5) days in advance.

2. At least 48 hours in advance, you must email base security at You will have to supply base security with full name, social security number, and date of birth.

3. You must use the main gate when entering the base for all sporting events. Enter in the furthest right lane for vehicle inspection.
Jim Hill Athletic Director, Scott DeLorme
Jim Hill Athletic Director, Scott DeLorme

   Student Council 

about 1 year ago

FRIDAY MARCH 23rd IS HAT DAY! Pay $1, wear a hat all day at school!

...Pennies for Patients...
March 26th - April 6th

The Cafe

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meal


Sunday, May 6th!


Register online at

Or pick up a registration form in the office at Jim Hill.